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Impressive Launcher

Impressive Launcher is a launcher and auto-updater application originally developed for Impressive Title servers.
However, the application can easily be re-written to fit anyone's needs.
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Vanilla-oIT is an unmodified online Impressive Title server mostly aimed as a testing client and those rare few, who want nostalgia. The creator is KovuLKD, who released the source code to the public in 2011.
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Impressive Updater X

Impressive Updater X is very simple open source console based auto-updater focusing on backwards compatibility and cross-platform support originally developed for Impressive Title servers.
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Math Trainer

A very simple and open source math trainer, which features basic arithmetic training with or without a timer and other features.
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Los Bloggy

A simple open source blog using HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript and TinyMCE I made as a project at work.
It features a login and register system and a modern look and feel.
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Land of the Wolves

Okami no Tochi: Land of the Wolves (LOTW), is an MMORPG canine-based game where you can create your own canine and explore through multiple worlds, discovering magnificent creatures and finding quests along the way! It features character customization, pets, leveling, trading, and plenty more.
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