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Hosting Services

Hosting is a crucial factor of every online application and service.
Without hosting, people around the world would not see your work and could not interact with it. An online game would not make much sense without it.
Thus do I offer hosting for a cheap price very flexible. I do not have profit in mind but instead want to help people fulfil their dream of having an online game or service.


However, there are limitations to what I am willing to host for.
To protect you and myself, the following requirements and terms need to be considered:
  1. Your service, application or game is non-commercial
  2. My hosting service is not suitable for critical mission applications and services
  3. Any services are provided on an "AS IS" basis without any kind of warranty.
    While tools are utilized to prevent data loss and unauthorized access to sensitive data, I cannot account for every possibility.
Please also read the Terms of Service for further inquiries.

Available Services

Some of the available services are listed below.
I am generally quite open to experiment and try to host new services, applications and games not listed.
Feel free to get in contact with me if that is the case.