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Impressive Title Server Hosting

Like for other games, I offer hosting for Impressive Title servers.

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What is Impressive Title?

Impressive Title was a free-roaming 3D RPG game inspired by The Lion King, created by KovuLKD. The game allowed for exploration of a massive world with a wide variety of biomes to explore, from a frozen tundra to a roiling volcano. Players could form and join into prides which could claim territory and fight other prides for the control of their territory, or go hunting to win prizes such as accessories to customize their characters, such as collars or decorative bubbles.
Players could create and customize their characters with features such as manes, wings, tails, and decorative tufts, to name a few. Members had a wide variety of settings they could initially choose for their characters, allowing for customization of the head, manes, tails, and markings. However, some manes were limited to certain head types. The player could then choose to alter the coloration of these features, changing aspects such as their eye or fur color. The player could also add markings to their characters that could be distributed to different subsections: Body, Head, and Tail.

The successor to Impressive Title is FeralHeart, which was released in January 2011.


The following requirements need to be met, in order for me to host for you:

  1. Some kind of fast and reliable communication source. Discord is very recommend
  2. You own or have full permission to act in someone elses stead (e.g. if you pay the hosting for a friend).
    If second is the case, I require access to the games chat server and/or Website and contact to the rightful owner of the game.
  3. Any services are provided on an "AS IS" basis without any kind of warranty.
    While tools are utilized to prevent data loss and unauthorized access to sensitive data, I cannot account for every possibility.
  4. You acknowledge, that I (the hoster) may store and use the data to enforce our rules and that I may conduct periodic maintenance on the server in order to ensure maximum security measures

Please also read the Terms of Service for further inquiries.

Things to consider when changing host

  1. change your server pass: changing the server password will force members to download and run the newest client. This way an old host can't login with the same servers, he/she used to host with and therefore uses an out-of-date client
  2. patch your login server following this thread:
  3. change your personal password Change your in-game password once you change host and if possible for all staff as well. This adds an additional layer of security, since its possible for a host, to decrypt your password if you did not patch the loginservers like above
  4. re-encrypt your items.dat, ad1.dat, cd1.dat and cd2.dat with a new XORKEY

Available Services

There are mainly two different types of hosting you can choose from:

Just host it!

This is the low-cost and reliable variant if you are looking to just host your game without caring for all that technical shicky-nicky.
I will setup everything for you and take care, that servers are online and security measures are given.
With this plan, you are able to access your server files and edit, view, add and delete as necessary.

This is also the only variant, that will accept alternative payment if cash isn't an option.

Pricing 3 USD per Month (via PayPal)
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Access to server files Yes
Restart servers Hoster only
Alternative Payment Yes

I want full Control!

You want full control without anyone else (even myself) having access to the files?
You setup and manage the hosting and files yourself and are responsible, that the servers are online. This method is a bit more expensive while in turn you are given exclusive access to a Linux machine. It is thus a requirement, that your servers run on Linux. Whether you use an emulator or it runs natively using DylanCheetahs source code is up to you.
There are two server locations available for you when using this method.

Pricing 5 USD per Month (via PayPal)
Operating System GNU Linux
Access to server files Yes
Restart servers Yes
Alternative Payment No