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Vanilla-oIT (vanilla online Impressive Title)

A courtesy to the KITO community and all those nice people I got to know along the way.
The title says it: This is a vanilla unmodified Impressive Title server hosted by me and released by the KITO community. It's intended mostly for testing and those rare few, who want nostalgia.
Impressive Title was made open source in 2011 by KovuLKD: The original creator of the game. It was later maintained by the KITO community, which is still acting as a beacon for various oIT creators and server owners.

Download Vanilla-oIT


Terms of Use

Please be aware before downloading:

  1. You can change the media and redistribute it in your team. There are no restrictions on what you can and cannot change.
  2. Please use separate dimensions when testing, so others are not crashed by missing media.
  3. You can use /goto in multiplayer. E.g. to test your own maps.
  4. You are allowed to have as many accounts and as many characters as you want. Go wild! :)
  5. You are able to spawn prey and items in campaign/offline mode (Really??? >.>)
  6. If someone goes on your nerves, block them. We trust, that you can handle tricky situations yourself
  7. You are responsible for your own safety:
    This server is not recommend for children and thus is parental supervision highly advised.
  8. This server is intended for testing and will not get periodical updates if any at all.
  9. The server is given as is. Minerva Services is not to be held liable for damage on your device or your actions against other users and we are not responsible for the content redistributed by our users.
  10. When redistributing, please link back here and advise users to download from this page.
  11. Report any application bugs via this webpage.
  12. I do not own any copyright on the media provided.

Recommend Render Settings

Some known issues with oIT include FPS dependent jumping and running.
To work around this issue, we want to enable V-Sync on the render setup:

  1. DirectX is the recommend render engine since less graphical bugs and issues are known with it
  2. I like to run oIT games in window-mode :)
  3. V-Sync throttles the games FPS to a constant 60fps so we can jump and move around proberly.
  4. (a good resolution is 1920x1080)