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About Minerva Services

Minerva Services is a privately-used site, providing paid, free and open source software as well as paid and free services including hosting of different services, web-apps, websites, games and utilities.
It abides by the Laws of Switzerland.

  • Website Autor: Lisa Wuethrich (Lamina022)
  • Purpose: Personal Website Project
  • Timezone: UTC+1
  • Languages used: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript
  • Created on: 28. April 2022
  • Host: Self-Hosted using Apache and CentOS

About the Author

My name is Lisa while I go by Lamina or Lamina022 on many online platforms.

I am a female self-thaught web-designer, game designer and coder as well as a software developer.

My profession evolves around system administration, networking, ICT support and configuring of various ICT systems.

In my free-time I like to do martial arts, doing activities with my dogs, photographing or just hanging out in nature when I'm not currently at my computer. =)

You can reach me on these platforms:

Discord: lamina022