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Impressive Launcher

Impressive Launcher is a visual appealing and handy standalone auto-updater and launcher for any game and needs.
It was originally developed for the open source Impressive Title MMORPG for individual server owners.
That being said, it could get easily modified to fit different needs.
Launcher for LOTW
The guide is handed out with the launcher after completing the commission.
Please refer to the video on this page to get an idea of how the updating process looks like.

Preview - Launcher in action

This video shows the updating process as well as some of the available features such as troubleshooting tools and automatic preset downloading. While this launcher hosts a rather simple design, it could look much more customized.


The application comes with the following features:
  • auto-update/patch game client files
  • fully deploy (no client files need to be present but the launcher to install the whole game)
  • easy first install including any needed dependencies
  • deploy/re-install the whole game on demand
  • easy to use admin server interface to store the game files on
  • delete unnecessary client files globally
  • self-updating application featuring continuous new features and bug fixes
  • 5GB of free storage on the server (can get expanded for a small monthly fee)
  • MD5 checksum checking
  • direct support and continuous improvements and fixes
  • launcher guide, documentation and support warranty
  • setup and setup config files using Inno Setup

Additional Included (Free) Features

These features are included free of charge with every payment-plan:
  • launcher self-updating
  • enforce updates before playing the game
  • skip the Ogre Render Setup at startup but change it at will via launcher
  • single game instancing
  • out-of-the-box installer with custom design
  • external host support such as Dropbox
  • guide and documentary
  • extended support warranty and SLA

Additional Paid Features

Following features can get added on demand for a small up-fee:
  • separate updating for beta and stable releases
  • centralized changelog
  • individual preset (auto) downloading
  • implemented web viewer (e.g. to display news from your website
  • diashow of images/news
  • troubleshooting tools
  • custom auto-updating mechanisms
  • server status connection tester
  • dynamic URL allocation/updating
  • multi-language support
  • custom properties and configuration files
  • background music with volume/mute control
  • troubleshooting actions such as downloading game components
  • separate updating for preset files
  • dynamic launcher background image
  • animations on the launcher for specific actions (animated logo, background, etc.)
  • launcher with multiple pages of options
  • splash image while startup
  • dynamic loading/writing to the Microsoft Registry

Don't see what you need here? Contact me!


The basic design of the launcher supports a basic custom image for the background, logo, color palette and fonts.
A basic progress bar with a simplified custom design is included while all other technical features are provided and support as well as updates are given. Launcher for Bloodline
OLD Launcher for Bloodline
One-Time Base Price 15 USD (via PayPal)
Support and Updates Yes
Server Capacity 5 GB free
Custom basic Background Yes
Custom Font Yes
Custom Basic Buttons Yes
Simple Progress Bar Yes
Support for External Hosting Yes

Intermediate (Recommended)

I good choice between cost-efficiency and and look.
It supports a completely customized design with a transparent and non-standard window, custom fonts and buttons a progress bar and special window effects. This tier supports external hosting via dynamic configurations.
More features can get added on demand and as every plan, it includes periodic updates and support Launcher for Royal Elements
Launcher for Royal Elements
One-Time Base Price 25 USD (via PayPal)
Support and Updates Yes
Server Capacity 5 GB free
Advanced Background with Transparency Yes
Custom Font Yes
Custom Advanced Buttons with Transparency Yes
Custom Advanced Progress Bar Yes
Borderless Window with Special Effects Yes
Support for External Hosting Yes


The choice for very specific and advanced needs and looks. This tier is fully customizable with your needs and supports advanced features such as fetching news from a website or animations. This tier supports external hosting via dynamic configurations. It includes support and continuous updates. Launcher for Eternal Time
Launcher for Eternal Time
Launcher for Bloodline
Launcher for Bloodline
One-Time Base Price Contact me
Support and Updates Yes
Server Capacity 5 GB free
Advanced Background with Transparency Yes
Custom Font Yes
Custom Advanced Buttons with Transparency Yes
Custom Progress Bar Yes
Web Viewer or Content News Space Yes
Borderless Window with Special Effects Yes
Responsive buttons, Links and Design Yes
Support for External Hosting Yes
Advanced Features Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

My commissioned launcher is flagged as potential dangerous by my antivirus...

Yeah I get this a lot.

Many antivirus software rate a program by its reputation, by scanning its binary code for predefined patterns or by artificial intelligence and by comparing it to a global database of known-dangerous binaries. Often an antivirus flags a program as potentially dangerous if:

  1. it isn't generally known and a lot of people use it --> not many people flagged that program as safe.
  2. It has certain binary patterns and behaviors/(API calls) like downloading, installing and making an application call
  3. it has been downloaded and installed from an unknown source
  4. the developer didn't pay an immerse sum of money to the antivirus software companies and Microsoft to sign and flag the program as safe.
And since an auto-updater *does* download something, *does* extract something to a directory (from yet another not-so-known source) and *does* start the game once it has been extracted, it has a lot of these patterns that I described above. And last but not least it was written by a single unknown developer: me, who didn't pay a huge sum to the companies in question to let an individual launcher sign-off which is very different for each customer commissioning one.

Personally I don't take word what a single antivirus says but rather what a whole API tells me, which compares the launcher/auto-updater against almost all antivirus known to date:

And when we upload and let all the antivirus software linked to scan the Eternal Time Launcher we get the following result:


For your convenience, here is the link to the scan: Scan Result

If you would research, why these few antivirus reported this program as potentially dangerous, you would find out that more often than not it is a false alarm or the antivirus software flags something as potentially dangerous by design if it hasn't reached a minimum score from the community, that it is safe.

It is safe to say, that I do in no way aim to harm you or your community and especially end-users with any harmful software or give them instructions, that may lead to malware. One easy guess would be to use a network sniffing software like Wireshark on the launcher to see which connections it makes to the outside. I'm not trying to hide anything I'll just be honest. Added to that, anyone, who paid for my launchers is entitled to a software level agreement. If the launcher does not comfort to your requirements, you may request a change or otherwise a refund, that is in proportion to your request.

In the end it is up to you, whether you trust an individual developer like me and take up the risk, that the launcher might be flagged as potentially dangerous by peoples antivirus or scrap this all and search an alternative. I am already doing my part to improve individual launchers and make them less suspicious for antivirus by simply moving code around, improving it and following common best practices for developing a program. As an example, I have waived Bloodline's launcher from 16 hits on down to only 2 hits by making a lot of improvements to the code. Furthermore it contributes by letting the launcher download files via HTTPS, which is an encrypted internet connection to a host and by using relatively known Libraries like DotNetZip.

How does the launcher function?

Please watch the YouTube video linked on this page.

Am I entitled to support and free updates after purchasing a launcher?

Yes, by all means you are. After completing the commission, you are given a Software License Agreement in which is also stated how and how long support for the launcher is given. Free updates are limited to Quality-of-Life improvements to the existing code only. If you need additional code or features, you will need to pay extra for them.

Can I host my game files on an alternative provider like DropBox?

Yes you can. Please state so when commissioning me.


Software Level Agreement

How-To: Deploy a patch